How to Get Cup Out of Garbage Disposal – 3 Simple Ways

In the chaos of a bustling kitchen, it’s not unusual for objects to accidentally fall into the garbage disposal. Silverware, rings, and even cups and shot glasses are all common culprits.

While this can present a mild inconvenience, removing a cup from a garbage disposal isn’t as daunting as it sounds, provided you follow the right procedures and steps.

Before you start removing the cup from your garbage disposal, it’s important to cut the power to the unit. Remove the cup using duct tape, a glue gun, or reverse opening pliers. It’s important to stress that you should never attempt to insert your hand directly into the garbage disposal or operate it while the object remains inside to avoid potential injury or damage to the disposal mechanism.

How to Get a Shot Glass Out of Garbage Disposal

Firstly, switch off the power supply to your garbage disposal unit at the fuse box to guarantee safety. The next step involves using a flashlight to visually inspect the interior of your garbage disposal to locate the stuck shot glass.

Armed with a pair of needle-nose pliers or even standard kitchen tongs, delicately grip the shot glass and lift it out of the sink drain. It’s critical to maintain a firm grip to prevent inadvertently dropping it back into the disposal or causing it to shatter inside the unit.

In cases where the shot glass is positioned too deep or proves challenging to reach with pliers, you might find a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to be useful. This method can help to dislodge the glass and safely extract it.

When using this method, it’s important to create a tight seal around the sink drain to prevent air from escaping and increase the vacuum’s suction power.

If your situation involves a shot glass that has shattered inside the disposal, you’ll need to meticulously clean out the small glass pieces. The safest way to handle this is with a shop vacuum.

However, remember to cover the vacuum hose with a nylon stocking to protect the vacuum from tiny pieces of glass. Following this, it’s imperative to clean the garbage disposal with a significant quantity of water to ensure no small shards of glass are left behind.

How to Get a Glass Cup or Bottle Out of Garbage Disposal

Use Duct Tape

Possibly the most readily available tool for this task is duct tape. After disconnecting the garbage disposal at the fuse box, utilize a flashlight to inspect the disposal’s interior. If the glass cup or bottle is visible and within reach, you can fashion a sticky loop with duct tape, affix it to a stick or long handle, and carefully insert it into the disposal so that it sticks to the glass object. Once securely adhered, gently extract the glass.

Another strategy involves creating a ‘tape rake.’ Affix a strip of tape to the end of a sturdy stick, sticky side out. Lower this into the disposal and gently sweep it around. The tape should pick up the glass, allowing you to lift it out.

Reverse Opening Pliers

Another useful instrument for extracting a cup stuck in a garbage disposal are reverse opening pliers. Their design allows them to widen when pressure is exerted on the handles. To use this tool, adjust the pliers to the size that will enable the ends to grasp the inside of the glass cup or bottle. Once positioned correctly, apply pressure to the handles to widen the pliers, secure the glass, and slowly lift it out.

Another option with pliers is to use the standard needle-nose variety. These can be carefully maneuvered inside the garbage disposal to grip the glass object. Like with the reverse opening pliers, once you have a firm grip, slowly extract the object.

Use a Glue Gun

A glue gun should be used as a last resort due to the potential of leaving glue residue inside the disposal. After cutting power, apply a dollop of hot glue onto the end of a stick or dowel with the glue gun. Allow it to cool slightly to prevent shattering the glass, then press it onto the bottom of the glass cup or bottle and hold it in place until the glue dries completely. Once it’s secured, gently lift the stick to retrieve the cup.

You should follow up the removal with a thorough cleaning to remove any residual glue. Warm water and mild soap should do the trick. Check to make sure the disposal’s mechanism hasn’t been jammed or damaged by the glue.

How to Remove a Broken Glass Bottle in Garbage Disposal

The first step is to disconnect the power to the garbage disposal from the fuse box. Next, use a flashlight to identify large pieces of glass. Using needle-nose pliers, gently remove these pieces one by one. It’s important to approach this step with caution, as you’re handling broken glass and working around the disposal’s blades.

For smaller pieces, a shop vacuum can come in handy. When using this tool, cover the hose with a nylon stocking to prevent any glass from damaging the vacuum. Remember to be thorough, as even the tiniest glass pieces can cause problems down the line.

After removing the broken glass, give the disposal a thorough cleaning. Running plenty of water through the unit can help flush out any remaining tiny shards. A few ice cubes can also help clean the unit by scrubbing the interior as they’re ground up.

How to Get a Plastic Cup Out of a Garbage Disposal

Removing a plastic cup follows a similar process as removing a glass one. However, a plastic cup is less likely to break and shatter, which can make the task a bit simpler. After disconnecting the power, locate the cup, and use pliers to grab and lift it out of the garbage disposal.

If the cup is wedged in tight, you can employ an Allen wrench to gently dislodge it. Most garbage disposals have an Allen wrench port located at the bottom. Inserting the wrench and turning it can help free the stuck cup.

After removal, it’s important to ensure that no small pieces of plastic remain in the disposal. They can be just as damaging as glass shards. Run water through the unit to flush out any remaining debris.

How to Remove a Cup That is Stuck in the Sink Drain

In some cases, a cup may get stuck not in the garbage disposal itself, but in the sink drain leading to it. First, disconnect the power supply for safety reasons. Next, try to gently wiggle the cup back and forth to loosen it.

If this doesn’t work, you can use a bit of WD-40 around the sink drain opening to lubricate it. After letting it sit for a few minutes, try to remove the cup again using the pliers. If the cup is made of a flexible material like plastic, collapsing it on itself may help get it out.


In conclusion, while it’s best to keep items like cups from falling into the garbage disposal, accidents can happen. When they do, stay calm, disconnect the power, and proceed with patience and caution. The techniques laid out in this article should help you safely remove any cup, whether it’s glass or plastic, from your garbage disposal. Always ensure to give your disposal a thorough clean after the retrieval process to avoid any potential damages or clogs. Happy and safe kitchen cleanup!

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